Awaken your inner ninja with Marketing!

To put your #local #business in the spotlight, we offer digital marketing software that gets you noticed!

You are So busy as a stealthy little ninja!, I mean, just crushing it at your craft! …but you might have forgetten to tell anyone!

and that’s where comes in…

We love to promote small business! You’re the best! …but sometimes, you might be so busy doin’ what you’re great at, that you forget to:

  • promote and advertise
  • invite those great 5 Star Reviews ★★★★★
  • post updates to social consistently, and
  • tell your story!

While you work IN your business, we work ON your business!


Easily manage all of your communication in one, central place, whether from Texts/SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram chats, Google chat, and even WhatsApp

Even hook into keywords: Just tell your viewers or audience to “Reply START to get started [with a product, give-away, contest, or whatever you dream up!]

Automate your social media posts ahead of time with our Social Planner, to give yourself a week with more time in it!  Cross-post that same consistent content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn!

Integrate all of your services into one portal and save money… and then offer your visitors courses (for free, or a subscription). Then, you can expand all of that when you’re comfortable to allow your own Affiliate program to sell for you!

Take your linktree, WordPress, or blog site further, grow your audience, and begin engaging them with automated communication they’ll love!

We Love to Provide Solutions...

Web Development

It all starts with a professional website... This gives your small business a solid foundation to promote your thing!

Reviews & Reputation Management

It only takes a single 1-star rating to turn people away from your business forever. Let us show you how to get more 5 Star reviews ★★★★★ and turn any one-star customers around!

Advertising on Facebook and Google

If no one knows you're there, they may never even see your real-world sign... We target your prospects directly, exactly where they are searching for your specific products and services.

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Remember, YOU are the ninjas out there doin' your thing!

Timothy Powell

Creative Director

Lisa R. Boone

PPC Ninja

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